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5 ways visuals help to close sales for events and exhibitions

1. A picture paints a thousand words

Whilst you can convey the objectives of your event through carefully crafted copy, and share glowing testimonials from past clients, the best way to bring people on a journey with you is with images.

If you don’t have previous event photos or are looking to launch new features at a future event, renders of your designs can express the look and feel of the space/ set up and explain what sets it apart from competitor events or past activations.

2. It gives a sense of security

A tangible visual that you can include in sales collateral and on your website gives a sense of credibility to the proposals and demonstrates to customers that you have given consideration to the onsite set up and wider event plans.

In the current climate, a visual that references social distancing and Covid secure measures, also demonstrates that you are taking in to account the health and safety of all attendees and will reassure clients that your event will be a safe one.

3. It focuses sales pitches

In the ever-remote world of working, reviewing visuals over a shared screen as part of a proposal acts as a checklist for the sales team; chatting through each customer touchpoint/ branding opportunity/ safety measure etc. as they work across the image.

This will not only ensure consistency but will also save time and keep calls concise, which clients will appreciate.

4. It avoids disappointment onsite

If a client is unfamiliar with exhibitions or the feature/ event you are selling is a new direction for your brand, it is easy for customers to become confused by exactly what the arrangements on site will be and look like.

This could result in money wasted on unsuitable graphics/ equipment, lead to missed opportunities for the client and at worst, leave them feeling that they have been mis sold.

5. It helps your client with their event planning

Many of your client contacts will be Marketing Managers who often have to sell in the idea of involvement in your event to their wider teams. Being able to show exactly what their investment in the event will get can assist with getting budgetary sign off.

Visuals can also be used to help with; stand design and event execution planning, briefing in designers for stand graphics, carrying out risk assessments and issuing as part of team briefing packs.

If you are interested in finding out about the feature design & visualisation service offered by Wrapped Events, please contact for details.

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